Chiropractic Testimonials

“For more than 3 years, Dr. Francis Jr. has helped me maintain the most pain free back and neck I can expect, after multiple car accidents in the past 20 years.  However recently, I had a  SEVERE issue in my lower right back that would literally drop me to my knees and bring tears to my eyes. After carefully listening to me, taking x-rays, adjusting me and laser therapy, the Dr. and his team didn’t just reduce this specific pain...they completely eliminated it! I will be forever grateful for the caring and expertise this office provides.  They are always truly concerned about my overall health and success and it is GREATLY appreciated!"

- Mitch H.

“Dr. Francis Jr. is amazing! He has done wonders for my whole family as well as a few friends.  So I had to see what he can do for me!  I came in with chronic headaches and back pain!  Just after one visit I slept better and had an overall better day!

I can’t thank him enough!”

- S. August, 5/2020

“I came in to see Dr. Francis Jr. because I started struggling with numbness and tingling in my arm and also lower back pain and acid reflux. I have only seen Dr. Francis Jr. a few times for adjustments and have already seen great results and no more acid reflux! Thank You Dr. Francis!”

- S. Witheril, 11/2019

“Since my last testimonial, I have been receiving adjustments from Dr. Francis Jr. for almost 2 months now and came in due to numbness and tingling in my right arm. Since I have been coming I have seen a drop in the sensation in my arm and in the past 2 weeks it has completely stopped all together.”
Thank You!

- S. Witheril, 12/2019

“So Thankful for Dr. Francis Jr. and his intentional approach to help me increase my mobility.  After 20+ years with significant pain from Hyper kyphosis I No longer need medication to manage pain and enjoy mobility and flexibility that I had assumed were lost.

Thankfully the need to explore fusing vertebra is no longer on the table.  Simple adjustments from Dr. Francis Jr changed my daily life.”

- D. Banek, 10/2019

"I’ve seen Dr. Francis Sr. since I was a teenager for lower back pain.  I always get relief from the adjustments I get.  He is the only Chiropractor I totally trust to adjust me."

- Sandy E.

"I came in for extreme back pain from a hardwood flooring job.  Dr. Francis Jr. helped immediately with an adjustment and Cox traction which helped me cope with life.  I still get help after 13 years. Great job!"

- Kris M.

"Dr. Francis Jr.  has helped me walk again and he is amazing at what he does.  I just love him!  Thank you very much."

- Tammy S.

"I had been having arm, shoulder, and elbow pain for over a year; came in to Dr. Francis Sr. (saw him intently for a while) and God used him to help me get rid of my arm pain.  He has since helped me with other problems."

- Wanda C.

"Dr. Francis Sr. has treated a rib that keeps going out in my back and now I have no pain there.  He knows exactly what to do every time I come in.  They really, really, really care about you here and have become FAMILY to me.  They are very professional and up-to-date on the latest training for chiropractic care.  No other chiropractic office will go the extra mile like they do!"

- Judy N.

"Dr. Francis Jr. keeps me going more comfortably through the week than if I didn’t see him.  He relieves some of the pain so I can maintain better.  He always picks up my spirits when I come in and I look forward to each weekly visit."

- Jackie R.

"I’m a licensed acupuncturist and went to see Dr. Francis Sr., for low back and neck pain. With his knowledge, custom design protocol, and high-tech tools like the laser, PEMF machine, and decompression table he has helped me avoid back surgery.  I appreciate his humor that goes along with the advice, homework, and education I receive every treatment.  ALL the staff is supportive, genuinely compassionate, professional and light-hearted.  This office runs like a well-oiled machine."

- Diane C.

"After a lower back injury from landscaping in 2007, I received a referral to Dr. Francis. I have been receiving care since then. Dr. Francis has helped me with maintenance care allowing me greater mobility, pain management and working with me to be able to live and work with minimal pain. I have received Laser Therapy for my L-5, L-4 and L-3 lower back region and the laser therapy is miraculous with minimizing my sciatic nerve pain levels and my range of mobility. When I go without the laser treatment my pain levels skyrocket, but when I'm receiving the laser treatment it's like I can feel the sciatic nerve pain in my legs begin to retract and the relief I get lasts for days, sometimes for months. Without Chiropractic Care from Dr. Francis and his amazing team I would not be able to function in my daily life, I wouldn't be able to work , my mobility and range of motion would not be what it is today, if I did not receive the care and treatments that I do. Chiropractic care has immensely improved my life and continues to allow me to live my life with very few restrictions, but mostly I am beyond grateful for my chiropractic care, without which I would not be able to walk on my own today, and my pain levels would be unbearable. Chiropractic care has allowed me to not have to need surgery, or pain medications. Thank you for the work you do, and the sincere care from you and your team provide me and all your clients, Sincerely grateful. I'd tell my friends and family "Go see Dr. Francis he's amazing and has helped me a lot over the years". What pleases me the most is that Dr. Francis continues to educate himself as well as his patients on how to care for ourselves, and with the technology advances."

- Rebecca F.

"At the age of 61, and with a couple of bad accidents behind me, I was beyond stiff.  My left leg was shorter, with a turned out foot.  This condition caused me to track improperly, and caused my back a great deal of pain.  Changing my foot wear, learning to walk properly again, was all part of my treatment plan.  Laser Therapy gave me almost instant pain relief, the conditions that once held me back, were resolving.  Today after 5 office visits, I can honestly report that life is really looking and feeling great again.  This coming January I will have my orthopedic doctor remove the remaining metal in my left clavicle.  This healing process will be enhanced by Laser Therapy.  Besides terrific results, I'm impressed with the level of nutritional knowledge which Dr. Francis possesses. He continues to give me options, and never pressures as so many others have done before.  Francis Chiropractic Center is great, efficient, happy office staff.  Excellent environment!!!"

- Dale R.

"Before coming to see Dr. Francis I had head and ear pain, that went on for 6 months. I went to several different doctors.  I went through many different tests, scans and even blood work, and not one doctor could tell me what was wrong or where my pain was coming from!  I decided to give Chiropractic a chance and have seen life changing results in only a couple treatments.  My symptoms have virtually disappeared!  I can now do all the things I love, like play softball, spending time outside, or hang out with my family.  I am now pain free!  Without seeing Dr. Francis I would not have known that my pain actually was coming from my neck.  I am so thankful for Dr. Francis and Chiropractic."

- Samantha R.

"About a month ago I had a severe pain in my left backside.  My lovely wife encouraged me to go to Francis Chiropractic Center.  At first I was somewhat skeptical and reluctant.  However, the was increasing and I needed relief.  I remember the first time I met Dr. John Francis SR. I was intrigued by his quick wit, vast knowledge, friendly disposition, and the ability to sincerely help and heal people.  After a few laser treatments and adjustments my body was feeling better and I am aware of what I need to do to remain healthy and free of pain.  I was also impressed with the team at Francis Chiropractic Center, they are always upbeat and polite when I have an appointment.  Thank you Francis Chiropractic Center for all the help, I will always recommend you to all of my teaching and coaching friends!"

- Kent B.

"Dr. Francis JR. changed my life.  Switching to his office for my Chiropractic needs was the best thing I've done for myself in a long time.  Because I come to Francis Chiropractic Center, I am able to do all of the fun things my family wants to do.  Thank you Dr. Francis for changing my life for the better!"

- Jessica Z.

"I'm so glad I found Dr. Francis! After my car accident I suffered not only severe neck and back pain, but I was also nauseated and dizzy all the time and had no idea why.  Dr Francis helped me to understand why I had my symptoms and how he was going help me feel better. After only a few adjustments I noticed an immediate improvement in my condition and I no longer suffered from nausea and dizziness. Every week I feel better and know that I have finally found the best doctor ever. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT CHIROPRACTIC! Thanks for everything!!"

- Annissa, Bigfork, MT

"I initially came to see Dr. Francis because I had lower back pain from having my little boy. I was sore about 90% of the time. I also felt tired all the time and worn out, but I thought this was because I was up 2-3 times a night feeding my new little baby. Once I started getting adjusted my low back pain went away after a few visits, but I continued to come for a few weeks or so to correct my problem vs. just getting some pain relief. I guess I expected to feel better, because that is what chiropractors do right? Fix back pain. But I didn't expect to have so much more energy and feel so much better in general. I started waking up in the morning excited about the day instead of feeling worn out. I had a lot more energy throughout the day and for that I am so grateful. Chiropractic has given me a pain free back, but more importantly it has allowed me to be a better mom! Chiropractic has given me such a better quality of life!! Dr. Francis is a true healer."

Stacey Stone

"I had a very sore neck and shoulders. I was under a lot of stress and suffered from headaches daily. I had suffered for many years and purchased a bottle of Advil before coming into the office. 2 1/2 months later, the bottle is unopened (NO HEADACHES) and the ball of stress in my neck and shoulders is gone. I recommend Dr. Francis because he's a wonderful healer and educator."

- Anthony Reynolds


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