What is PEMF?

A wellness device that uses earth-based and brain state frequencies to tune in and resonate your cells to an optimum healing frequency, in fact a battery charger for your cells. These frequencies have been found essential to good health. Veterinarians use these devices to heal broken legs in race horses. Every NASA space mission has PEMF devices built into the astronauts suits to preserve bone density and normal health.

The patient at Francis Chiropractic Center in Kalispell simply lies on a mat for a full body effect or uses a loop to treat a specific injury area. Some of the benefits are, decreased inflammation and pain, oxygenates the tissue, reduces stress on your body, improves sleep, reduces blood pressure, improves cellular detoxification, reduces blood sugars in diabetics, speeds up bone fracture repair, improves osteoporosis, improves bladder strength in incontinent women, decreases prostate hypertrophy.

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